The Trove

I had to learn a lot on my own when I started my own small business. Of course I had to learn it through my mistakes and missteps, but I don't want you to have to go through that! Below are my favorite tips and explanations that I wish I had in front of me when I started out 4 years ago.


Building your brand

You know those words of wisdom you brush off until it's staring you dead in the eye? Setting your identity as a business seems like something you can get to later, and later comes... and maybe you can get to it tomorrow. Well this guide helps guide you through building your company's identity through thoughtful steps and explanations. 


Designing your dream client

Don't put out your content stabbing in the dark who you think it'll appeal to. Use this guide to help yourself design your dream client so you know exactly who your next email or blog post will be targeted towards. Pinning your dream client down will not only help you with your marketing but it will help you focus your products or pitch approach.


Content planner

The following download features a printable or pdf editable way to plan your content for the month. Planning is the greatest tip I discovered and after finally following my own advice I found my business life going so much more smoothly.