We'll Give your site life

Day or night, your website is telling your story to millions across the world. Let that sink in, but don’t get too overwhelmed! I am here to help create for you a cohesive website that not only speaks of your company’s mission but, most importantly, works for you. 

step one

In our initial meeting, we will discuss the goals for your company and what you want your website to accomplish for you. I will start assessing your action points, such as site map, visitor experience, and special features.

Step two

You’ll get assigned homework, don’t worry, there won’t be a test! I need all the information I can to properly build and fill out your website. All the written content (copy) is quality checked for grammar and spelling.

After I’ve received your website’s written content, I’ll need your brand assets (logo, fonts, color story, etc). I will send you a .pdf of a website mock up for you to review.

Step three

Once the website mock up is approved, we will start implementing it on Squarespace*. Once the website is operable, we will have a 30 minute demo where I show you all the features the site has to offer. This demo can be recorded for you to view later on in case you have any trouble remembering! I do offer post-product support for 2 weeks.

Further support is available for an additional charge.

Step Four

Now that the site is beautiful and approved, we go LIVE! I will send you a graphic for you to share via social media as well as a prewritten email blast you can share with your current email list.