We'll build your audience

Your business can only grow if people know you exist. Marketing today is a fierce and competitive market, and worst of all – it’s confusing. I’ve thoroughly researched many ways to improve marketing for clients and help them assess their needs and goals. 

step one

Together we will sit down and set your dream client on paper.

Initially, it can be confusing but with guidance we’ll narrow your focus to be more achievable.  

Step two

I will teach you how to find where your Dream Client lives online. Whether it’s Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Reddit or a new platform that was invented a week ago, we’ll find it.  

Step three

Learn why your Dream Client loves the things they already love. This gets super psychological, but that’s what marketing is. We will break down the reasons why your client is drawn to their favorites and what you can do to stand apart (in a good way) from the herd.

Step Four

I will go over Social Media do’s and don’ts. This is very important when marketing because first impressions are typically made online now, and every new post or comment is at risk of being someone’s first impression of you.