WE'll build your brand together

Visual branding is the heart and soul of a business. In an instant your business’s personality is shown and a first impression is made. Many people are so overwhelmed with the process of running a business they cannot step outside the box and evaluate their brand from an outside professional’s perspective. That’s where I come in.  

Step one

We start off with a meet and greet. Either by phone, video chat, or a simple coffee shop encounter we discuss your business bio and dreams. 

Step two

With the information I’ve gathered I will begin a design on your Primary logo. This is the image you want burned everywhere – so it has to be perfect! I will give you three logo designs to choose from to gauge your interest and once a design is chosen we will perfect it together. 

step three

Once a Primary logo is set, I will design a Secondary logo. This can be used as a favicon, square or condensed shaped spots (think Facebook profile picture, Instagram, Snapchat), as well as many other graphic applications. 

Step Four

The final touches of branding are a color story (4 - 5 colors that dictate your business scheme) and three Google fonts to be used for websites and print.