Writing Posts with Panache

We are trained to spot phonies. Like Pod People, we can easily point out an impostor in the group and properly ostracize them for daring to enter our communities. The same, although not as dramatically as pointing and screeching, happens in social media. Posts that seem like just a straight-up sales pitch get ignored while ones that are just as salesy slip into our front pages. It’s due to content and audience (as discussed in the last post). 

Writing for marketing is a skill in its own. Grammar is one thing, but finding the right tone and buzzwords is a hunt that can never end. Posts need to be trendy, heartfelt, smart, touching, clever, helpful, inspiring, cool, and truthful. This post is going to cover what to write in posts.

Although my tips have to be vague enough to cover multi-platforms, as you research and learn your main platforms, you will better your writing.  

Are you talking to me?
When writing posts, consider your audience. I may sound like a broken record, but marketing is all about singling out our audience and finding the write message to get them to buy into our pitch. Think about their education, their favorite words, what they think is cool. Most of all, everyone wants authenticity. We want to buy from people who make us feel good about giving our money to.

Picture vs. Video vs. Words
A picture speaks 1000 words… but a video can tell an entire novel. And sometimes we don’t have time or energy to deal with either, so a few words are nice. Audience and current posting climate will dictate which media to go with. Pictures are amazing if they are done well and effectively promote the material without coming off as salesman cheese. Videos are great - but consider time and sound. The effective time window on social media is probably less than 8 seconds. We scroll fast, so you got to capture your audience before the first 8 seconds before they move on. Sound is also important that it needs to be just as effective with or without. I often am finding myself browsing in public where I don’t want to bother people with video noise, captions help a lot with this.

Let me creep into your searches
SEO is a huge thing to think about whenever you’re writing a post. Choose words that will make you climb the SEO charts. Think about what how you would best be found from a stranger looking for someone just like you. For example, I am a Baton Rouge Graphic Designer and Marketing Strategist. I handle all types of clients, but my favorites are creative entrepreneurs. I’ve nailed down that they’re the clients I most want to work with. So, the best way to creep into their searches is by formulating sentences that might show up in their searches. They may be looking for branding help or creating a business identity. Or for example, if they’re on this post, they were looking for social media business strategies or help with post writing. How I would word my social media posts would be to make sure I include things like “Stuck with writing content for your business's social media? Read my latest post that really helps creative entrepreneurs get out of the marketing rut.” Boom, three hits.

As you are upping your posting game, you may start to question your motives of what you’re going to post and why. Well, in my next post, that is exactly what I’m going to talk about!