The Webpage Overload

I can admit it, web design is overwhelming, and that's coming from someone who obsesses over amazing websites. Coding, forms, text, photos, mock-ups, and if you’re crazy advanced, video content, takes a lot of time and forethought to execute. Before you become overwhelmed at the thought of a website (or upgrade your current one) I will break it down into manageable chunks for you.

User experience

You know your business inside and out, but a potential client does not. Just imagine they finally popped into your site home page. What next? Plan a strategic end goal with Call to Actions and super obvious navigation.

Best Tips:

List your top 5 places to visit in your website (for example):



About Me


Copywriting beforehand

Writing your content before you open your web page builder will help you sort out your thoughts and proof so much better. What I tell my clients to do is to give themselves homework of writing each section of their navigation.

Best Tips:

Make an outline of the most important aspects visitors need to learn about your business. Keep this as a guide to weave throughout your text. A Mission Statement or motto can be helpful. Also keep in mind working in certain wording can help raise up your SEO rankings.


Before I even open Squarespace (my favorite builder), I open Illustrator. If you haven’t collected inspiration beforehand, this is a great time to do so. Gather images and colors (hopefully you’ve already established your Branding) that you want represented in your site. This also creates a good opportunity to figure out what graphics you’ll need.

Best Tips:

Consistency is key. Simplicity is king. You may think adding all the bells and whistles will make your page stand out, but it can clutter and confuse potential clients. They don’t know where to look first. You can even create a User Guide from this. User Guide: Looking at a screenshot of your web page mock-up, map the travel of your visitor. How many clicks do they need to get to where you want them to go? Can we cut that down?  Where can we stick little hints of CTA or images to draw the user to the desired final location?

The more you dive into your website, the more you’ll be able to solidify your business standing. You’ll be confronted with decisions to make, and if your branding or marketing message isn’t clear, it’ll show.