Being a Social Butterfly

Social media is this amazing new frontier of marketing that we’ve never really experienced before. Hardest of all, it changes frequently. Throughout my career of marketing, I’ve paid close attention to where people post and why it works (or doesn’t).

In this next series of blog posts, yay - series are popular!, I’m going to talk all about social media marketing. Breaking down the where, what, and why of messaging to hopefully help you save time and energy trying to “do it all”.

My first message as a business on social media was pitiful. It was random photos of work I had done on the only social media platform I knew, Facebook. I had no intention or message to say, just “Here, look!”. I can honestly say I was just looking for some confidence building responses, but I mainly got ignored. I learned through some frustration that those on Facebook weren’t interested in my work, not because I sucked, but because they were the wrong audience (looking back, I might’ve sucked a little).

So, let’s talk about choosing where your audience is. I’ve discovered a lot of businesses try to spread themselves everywhere. It’s true if you’re playing the numbers game, that the more places you are, the more you might be seen. But being seen won’t convert to clicks and clients. Although I still keep my business’s Facebook alive, I do not pour myself into it. Below are a few tips in determining which social media outlet your business will thrive on.

New platforms pop up faster than we can keep up with… and that’s both a good and bad thing. Research each social media type and what kind of businesses they seem to be best suited for. Remember, just because it may be a platform you’re familiar with, doesn’t mean it’s a good platform for your business (hence my Fb fiasco).

Keep in mind the audience's feelings toward the platform itself. Facebook, for example, has gone from a social networking site to a sharing site - and this change has gradually happened over the past few years. Research the age groups using which platform. In my downloadable guide, I breakdown which audience gravitates to which platform.

It is the first mistake of a business to try and be everywhere at once. I will discuss in my next post the sins of posting the same thing all over the internet, but here we will just talk about the energy it wastes. If you are using multi-platforms (and it totally works for some businesses), be sure that these platforms are going to work the best to tell your story. Do not waste energy trying to be everywhere at once. Sure, programs like Hoot Suite help you manage, but those posts still have to be planned and thought out. Stick to your audience’s watering hole.

To get the best out of your social media implementation - plan out your posts! Rather than posting when the vision strikes, make a plan for the entire week (or month if you’re really on your game). Planning takes a little time, but my, will it help you feel a lot better knowing everything is ready to go. I also have a little social media monthly planner available for FREE download!

In my next post I am going to go more in depth about the What of posting, but first here’s a little homework if you’re game!

Comment your top 3 favorite social media platforms, and then find at least one business that you think totally rocks that platform. This will help you find a goal or emulation point, and we can totally discuss!